2 Hour UX Challenge Live Stream

Wednesday, January 15th
7PM – 9:15PM EST

Redesign how AllRecipes.com Users Find New Recipes

Build a beautiful UX case study in just 2 hours.

Join a 2-hour live streaming challenge, where you’ll learn some new UX skills,
meet some new friends,  and build an awesome portfolio piece to help improve how people find great new meals to cook on AllRecipes.com!

What We’ll Do

In this livestream  challenge, we’ll learn and practice some of the most important concepts in UX design, all through our project, where we’ll improve how people find great new dishes  to cook on AllRecipes.com

We’ll conduct a heuristic analysis, to identify potential problems with the website,  and recommend changes to improve the experience.

We’ll learn how to conduct a competitive analysis, to get inspiration from other websites that offer a better experience.

You’ll create wireframe sketches to solve some of the usability problems with the site.

And, you’ll put everything together in a case study that you can use in your portfolio!

Who is this for?


UX Beginners who want to learn UX skills  by actually doing it!


UX Pros who want a break from their daily work to sharpen up their design skills.

Build a beautiful UX case study in just 2 hours.

What you’ll need


Some UX experience is helpful, but not required. Beginners are welcome!


Pen & Paper for sketching exercises