design your UX Career Plan

Design Your UX Career Plan: Clear Steps to Reach Your Goals

Landing your first UX job can be tough. This workshop is all about getting clear, actionable steps to reach your goal.
Tue August 2, 2022
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM EST

Get clear, practical steps to land a job in UX - no matter where you start.

Looking for job or “gig” in UX presents a bunch of new challenges. All of a sudden, you’re spending less time designing stuff, and more time tweaking your portfolio, over-analyzing your “About Me” page, worrying about imposter syndrome, and getting ghosted by recruiters.

It takes work and time to land the right UX role, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating, and you don’t have to do it alone.

This workshop is all about giving you concrete steps to build your skills, stay accountable, and keep up the momentum in the job hunt.

Most of all, it’s about eliminating ambiguity, and taking control of your future one step at a time. If you feel lost, confused, or stuck on what to do next, you should join us!

Who is this for?
UX Beginners

Who are interested in a career path in UX

Job-Seeking Designers

who are actively looking for their first (or, next) UX role

What we'll learn
What we'll create

Get Experience With In Demand UX Skills

design your UX Career Plan
Tue August 2, 2022
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM EST
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Workshop Highlights

Real skills , taught by an expert instructor

Joe Formica

Founder, Bitesize UX
Joe has taught UX Design at General Assembly in New York for six years as a Distinguished Faculty Member, and has created and taught Entrepreneurship courses at Fordham University Business School. Through these roles, he has worked with thousands of designers-in-training to help them take the next steps in their career.

In addition to teaching, Joe has been a self-employed Senior Product Designer for the past eight years. He has worked with dozens of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to new startups, where he has played an integral role in their growth and success. Joe believes that there is no substitute for learning by doing - all Bitesize courses are hands-on, project based, and beginner friendly. If you take a class with Joe, you’re guaranteed to walk out with a tangible project that you're proud to show off to the world. Joe works every day to solve "need experience to get experience" problem that prevents people from exploring new skills, roles, and careers in technology, and believes that learning as an adult should be exciting, fun, and rewarding - not daunting.

Step-by-Step Workshop Agenda

Complete an awesome project with hands-on guidance from an expert instructor

  • ✍️ ✍️
    Getting Started!

    We'll start by addressing the main challenges of the UX job hunt, and how to break them down into simple, actionable steps.

  • πŸ’Ό πŸ’Ό
    Identify Your Dream UX Job

    Answer a few questions, and identify UX jobs that you would be the perfect fit for.

  • 🎯🎯
    How (and Where) to Find Your Dream UX Job

    Find jobs where nobody else is looking.

  • πŸ’« πŸ’«
    Identify Your Strengths and Areas To Improve

    Take stock of the skills you have, and identify key areas to improve

  • πŸ§–πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ§–πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
    5 Minute Break!

    Chill out, grab some water, and stretch before we jump back into the workshop!

  • 🎯🎯
    Focus on Key Skills

    Learn quick ways to practice and show off the most in-demand professional design skills

  • βœ…βœ…
    Create Your Weekly Plan

    Create a personalized, actionable career plan that you can put to work right away.

  • ✌️✌️
    Next Steps + Q&A

    Learn how to keep up the momentum in your job hunt.

Reviews and Compliments

Here's what other designers had to say about this workshop

"Exactly what I needed"
"Exactly what I needed"
Nicole, Junior UX Designer
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"I was so stuck in the job hunt post graduation. I feel so much better about it after this workshop...Joe broke everything down into nice simple steps :)"
"If you did a bootcamp, take this workshop!!!"
"If you did a bootcamp, take this workshop!!!"
Nick, UX Bootcamp Grad
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"It's perfect for anyone leaving a bootcamp or design program, especially if you're looking for your first job in UX"
"Not typical job-hunt advice"
"Not typical job-hunt advice"
Cindy, UX Beginner
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"I have read a million articles on the UX job/career path...none have been as helpful as this workshop. No generic tips, and lots of great examples to add clarity to the process"
Loved the topic
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Perfectly Paced
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Easy to Follow
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