Hands-On Workshops to Build Your UX Skills & Experience

Hands-On Workshops to Build Your UX

Get the real world design experience you need.
Create awesome projects with expert instructors in a fun, friendly environment.
If you want to break into UX, you need real-world experience.

Understanding design concepts and theory is important – but can you put them into action?Β Our workshops are all about learning by doing the same things professional designers are doing everyday.

Hands-On UX Design Workshop
Redesign the Bed Bath & Beyond Website

In this live stream UX design workshop, you’ll take on the role of UX Designer for Bed Bath and Beyond. We’ll work on their website to identify and fix issues that could lead to a challenging experience for users.

Work like a pro designer
(Even if you're still a beginner)
Design for real people

Projects are based on real research and interviews. You can show your ability to design great solutions for your users.

Get a real client brief

Our projects come with the business goals and constraints just like the ones you'll see in a professional UX project.

Use pro tools & resources

You'll get hands-on experience with industry standard tools, and the resources you need to keep building your skills.

Get step-by-step guidance from expert instructors
Our workshops are lead by industry professionals who know the hands-on skills you need to break into a career in design.
Create impressive portfolio projects with our custom templates

All workshops come with professionally made case study templates that are designed to get you noticed. Join a workshop, and leave with a project you’ll be proud to show off to the world.

Get the tools you need to go beyond the workshop

We give you everything you need to keep building your project and experience, even after the workshop is finished.

Build your UX experience, no matter where you start
UX Beginners

Try UX and build new skills fast. You'll learn by doing, with step-by step guidance from expert instructors.


Build on your UX skills, work on a real project, and level up your portfolio and experience.

Pro Designers

Take a break from your daily work by putting your skills into action on an awesome project.

Get real UX experience in a fun, friendly environment.

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