We help beginners become UX pros, one step at a time.

Get the real world design experience you need. 

Create awesome projects with expert instructors in a fun, friendly environment.

Level up your UX skills, experience, and career in just a few hours.
Understanding design concepts and theory is important – but can you put them into action? Our workshops are all about learning by doing the same things professional designers are doing everyday.
Work on Real Projects With Expert Instructors
Build Impressive Skills And Portfolio Projects

Go Beyond The Workshop With Custom Templates and Resources

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For designers who want
to get research experience with a real client.

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Get hands-on UX experience alongside an expert designer 

“Over the past 8 years, I’ve spent every day designing products, and helping new designers do the same.

The tools and technology we use are always evolving, but one thing has remained constant; hands-on experience is the best (and fastest) way to build your skills, portfolio, and design career.

Joe Formica

Founder and Lead Instructor

We’ve worked with leading organizations to help students learn design.


Get real UX experience in a fun, friendly environment.

“I learned more in a short workshop than I did in weeks at a bootcamp. As a beginner, I actually felt like it was the first time things ‘clicked’. I wish I had known about Bitesize earlier!!!”

Alyssa T.


Alyssa redesigned and created her first AR app in just a few hours

“I can grasp concepts of UX pretty well but get overwhelmed by where to take action. 


These workshops really help with focusing and taking action on one specific thing and building upon that work.”

Allie W.


“Joe is an expert in the field. I have done a few workshops with Joe and all of his workshops are well structured and easy to follow. As someone who graduated from a UX boot camp, I was able to improve my portfolio and gain important information that will help me as a UX Designer. “

Nicolette R.


I absolutely love Joe’s energy and teaching style. This made me excited for the future in UX. For the first time I felt like I was really understanding the steps/processes of UX.

Cesar N.

UX Beginner

Reach your goals in UX, no matter where you start

UX Beginners

Try UX and build new skills fast. You'll learn by doing, with step-by step guidance from expert instructors.


Build on your UX skills, work on a real project, and level up your portfolio and experience.

Pro Designers

Take a break from your daily work by putting your skills into action on an awesome project.

Level up your UX skills, experience, and career in just a few hours.

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