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Career Skills

Why is the UX Portfolio such a struggle?

Today, I break down the common challenges and frustrations that junior designers face when building their UX portfolios. I discuss the pressure to create a perfect portfolio, the overwhelming amount of content and conflicting advice, and the struggle to put that advice into action. I also touch on the feelings of imposter syndrome and the time pressure to complete the portfolio. If you’re a junior designer or in the job hunt, this video will resonate with you.

Career Skills

How can I make my UX portfolio stand out?

In this Q&A, we’re sharing three practical ways to enhance your UX portfolio. First, consider adding “Monkey Wrenches” – unexpected challenges or twists in your projects that reveal authenticity and relatability. Second, incorporate “Behind-the-Scenes Artifacts” like sketches, in-field photos, or non-traditional deliverables to humanize your process and showcase creativity. Lastly, use “Big Bold Visuals” (BBVs) such as bold quotes or infographics to improve skimability and readability. These enhancements make your portfolio more engaging and demonstrate your unique journey as a UX designer. Don’t forget to check out our full-day workshop for further portfolio improvement insights.


Should I learn to code as a UX designer?

The most valuable skill for a UX designer is collaborating effectively with developers rather than writing code. Learning to code, while beneficial, may not be the most efficient route to boosting your value as a designer. Instead, we recommend using low-code or no-code tools like Webflow to build simple projects, gaining insights into development & developer vocabulary, and understanding the design-to-development workflow.

Junior Designers

Beginner Mistakes in Your UX Portfolio (and how to avoid them)

Starting out as a junior designer can be both exciting and challenging. Regardless of whether you’ve just graduated from a bootcamp or you’re diving into UX for the first time, the last thing you want is for your UX portfolio to scream “amateur.” Today, I’m breaking down three of the most common rookie mistakes I frequently spot in UX portfolios and providing guidance on how to rectify them.

Career Skills

Why are UX Job descriptions so bad?

UX job descriptions and titles are notoriously bad. You read a UX job description to get a better idea of what they’re looking for in a candidate. Many times, you end up more confused about the role and what it entails.

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