Full Day UX Project: Babysitter App Redesign & Live Testing

Build your UX skills and an awesome UX project in this hands-on, full-day workshop. Redesign, test, and improve how parents connect with the perfect babysitter for their kids.
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Build your UX skills and and awesome UX project in this hands-on, full-day workshop.

What We’ll Do

In this hands-on UX Design Workshop, we’ll re-design key parts of CareConnect, a website that connects parents with a network of local babysitters.

We’ll dive deep into the real-world challenge of redesigning an onboarding experience. From understanding the fundamentals of split testing to gleaning insights from user feedback and competitor platforms, you’ll be equipped with practical tools and strategies to instantly improve your day to day work.

Discover the power of A/B testing to drive design decisions, and create an amazing project to show off your new skills.

You'll Learn

How to use A/B tests to create and refine amazing user experiences
Fundamental UX Skills like research, UI Design, competitive analysis, and onboarding
On-the-job collaboration and iteration skills

We'll Create

A redesigned version of the CareConnect Onboarding experience
A live split test to evaluate the effectiveness of our designs
A complete portfolio project, with live results, feedback, and outcomes from real people

Who is this for?

UX Beginners
Who want to learn UX skills by actually doing it!
Who want to add a new project to their portfolio, and practice some of their skills.

Get Experience with in-demand UX Skills

Web Design
Web &...
Voice Design
Visual De...
UX Writing
UX Resear...
UX Research
UX Portfolio

Step-by-Step Workshop Agenda

Complete an awesome project with hands-on guidance from an expert instructor

Get started with an introduction to some of the skills and tools we'll be using in the workshop
Intro to Split Testing
A brief overview of split testing. We'll discuss its importance in UX and set the stage for our work with Care Connect.
Client Brief
Next, we'll read the CareConnect client brief to analyze the problem, and find out what we're trying to solve.
Understanding Care Connect's Current Design
We'll explore the existing design and the feedback it's received. This sets our foundation for the redesign challenge.
Gathering & Synthesizing Feedback
Let's go through user remarks and insights from the current design. This feedback is gold for our redesign journey.
Getting Inspiration from Competitors
We'll peek at other apps and platforms in the same space. It's all about drawing inspiration and understanding the landscape.
Sketching Our Solutions
With our research in hand, it's sketch time. We'll brainstorm and draw out potential redesign paths.
Collaborative Design Session
We'll form teams, share our sketches, and refine the best ideas together.
Design Showdown
Time to test our revamped designs against the original. The goal? A better, smoother onboarding experience.
Wrap-Up & Forward Steps
A recap of our day, and some pointers on how to keep honing those UX skills and diving deeper into A/B testing.

Taught by an Expert Instructor

Cola Solwitz

Lead User Experience Designer & Educator at Bitesize UX

β€œFocus on the gain, not the gap”

As an educator, Cola wants to give students skills to bring their ideas to life, and the confidence to continue growing as a designer. Cola has worked as a consultant and in-house visual and user experience designer in New York since 2013. Most recently she has worked on digital products for fortune 500 companies, global finance companies, and well known lifestyle and media brands.

Cola has experience in working directly with clients and executive level stakeholders with the specific goal of bringing clients into their vision through a holistic approach of product development, and evangelizes the importance of design research and strategic development.

Alongside her corporate client work, Cola has coached fellow designers, freelancers, and career switchers in achieving their next big goal, from financial literacy to the hiring process. There are many facets to entering a new field and Cola is inspired by raising others up, learning, and leading through experience. She is thrilled to be expanding this work as an educator with Bitesize UX.

Reviews and Compliments

Here's what other designers had to say about this workshop

"Really loved this workshop - can't wait for the next one!!"
"Really awesome - very obvious that Joe put thought and care into the experience of this class, it was super smooth, coordinated, and useful. Love the online platform, Joe really managed to incorporate almost all the benefits of an in-person class while cutting out the downsides like commuting and wearing pants :)"
"Simple, welcoming, and HELPFUL"
"I'm a total beginner and was a little nervous going in. I felt really comfortable the whole time, and had so much fun challenging myself with this new material. Thanks for making these so simple, welcoming, and HELPFUL"
Awesome Project!
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1 Upcoming Sessions

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