Design an Alexa Voice App for Airbnb

In this live streaming UX design workshop, you’ll design a helpful Voice experience for Airbnb guests – without a screen or interface
Thu October 6, 2022
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

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Get hands-on experience designing an Alexa Voice App

In this live streaming UX design workshop, you’ll learn how to design a great experience for users – without a screen or interface. 

You’ll put your new skills into practice by building an Alexa app that helps Airbnb hosts provide a great experience for their guests!

Who is this for?
UX Beginners

who want to learn UX and Voice skills by actually doing it!


who want to add a unique project to their portfolio, and practice some voice design skills!

What we'll learn
What we'll create

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Thu October 6, 2022
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST
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Workshop Highlights

Real skills , taught by an expert instructor

Joe Formica

Founder, Bitesize UX
Joe has taught UX Design at General Assembly in New York for six years as a Distinguished Faculty Member, and has created and taught Entrepreneurship courses at Fordham University Business School. Through these roles, he has worked with thousands of designers-in-training to help them take the next steps in their career.

In addition to teaching, Joe has been a self-employed Senior Product Designer for the past eight years. He has worked with dozens of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to new startups, where he has played an integral role in their growth and success. Joe believes that there is no substitute for learning by doing - all Bitesize courses are hands-on, project based, and beginner friendly. If you take a class with Joe, you’re guaranteed to walk out with a tangible project that you're proud to show off to the world. Joe works every day to solve "need experience to get experience" problem that prevents people from exploring new skills, roles, and careers in technology, and believes that learning as an adult should be exciting, fun, and rewarding - not daunting.

Step-by-Step Workshop Agenda

Complete an awesome project with hands-on guidance from an expert instructor

  • ✍️ ✍️

    Get started with an introduction to some of the skills and tools we'll be using in the workshop

  • Challenge Overview

    Our challenge is to design and prototype an Alexa voice app for Airbnb.

  • 💼 💼
    Get Your Project Template

    You’ll put everything together in a beautiful case study template that you can use in your portfolio!

  • 🔊🔊
    Voice Design Crash Course

    We'll start by learning the basics of voice app design, and the specific things you'll have to consider when designing an experience without a visual interface.

  • 👓 👓
    Learn Key Terms and Vocabulary

    We'll learn some key terms that voice design professionals use to outline different parts of the experience

  • 🧖🏽‍♀️🧖🏽‍♀️
    5 Minute Break!

    Chill out, grab some water, and stretch before we jump back into the project!

  • ✍️ ✍️
    Sketching Our User Flow

    You'll sketch out a voice user flow, and identify key decision points in the process - and how to get users to their end goal.

  • 📱 📱
    Prototype with Voiceflow

    You'll prototype your voice app using Voiceflow, an industry standard voice design app. You'll actually get to test your prototype by speaking into your phone or laptop!

  • ✌️✌️
    Next Steps

    Get clear steps and resources to continue to build out your portfolio project, test your prototype, and dive deeper into VX

Reviews and Compliments

Here's what other designers had to say about this workshop

"Clear , understandable and helpful insights"
"Clear , understandable and helpful insights"
Matt, Junior UX Designer
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"Really awesome - very obvious that Joe put thought and care into the experience of this class, it was super smooth, coordinated, and useful. Love the online platform, Joe really managed to incorporate almost all the benefits of an in-person class while cutting out the downsides like commuting and wearing pants :)"
"Great introduction to Voice Design"
"Great introduction to Voice Design"
Raquel, Beginner UX Designer
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I did not have much of an understanding about VX and how to design for it. After completing this workshop, I feel that I have a clear direction on how to start my first VX project.
"Fun, Interactive, and awesome for beginners"
"Fun, Interactive, and awesome for beginners"
Christine, UX Beginner
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I'm a total beginner and was a little nervous going in. I felt really comfortable the whole time, and had so much fun challenging myself with this new material. Thanks for making these so simple, welcoming, and HELPFUL
Awesome Project!
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Perfectly Paced
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Easy to Follow
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