How to Work with Developers (as a UX Designer)

How to Work with Developers (as a UX Designer)

As designers, we’re always working with developers to bring our ideas to life. We’ll give you the tools and tips to do it well.

Check out the resources and recordings from our workshop below! πŸ‘‡


Check out the slides from the workshop below:



Here are some of our favorite tools mentioned in the workshop for design and developer handoff. For a full list of UX tools, checkout the link below:


Handoff Tools

Used For:

Relaying styles, assets, and content to developers. Handoff tools take your design files, and make them easy for developers to pick apart and build


βœ… Increased accuracy from design to development

βœ… Less documentation needed to convey styles

βœ… Integrated with all major design programs

Recommended Tools:

Online Whiteboarding Tools

Used For:

Quick sketches, flows, and "markups" to outline and discuss decisions, and how design and development overlap


βœ… Get quick insight to the effort and time involved in building something

βœ… Less documentation needed to convey ideas

βœ… Fast, but effective!

Recommended Tools:

Project Management Tools

Used For:

Managing activity on a project, and having a better understanding of the steps that different departments/people are working on to build a cohesive product.


βœ… Identify bottlenecks, and areas that need attention

βœ… Manage timelines and deliverables across design and dev

βœ… Shared understanding of broader goals and projects

Recommended Tools:

Other Useful Tools


An excellent tool for creating userflows, journey maps, and diagrams. Works with most design programs, and useful for showing full experiences, quickly!


Google Sheets Sync for Figma


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